Monday, September 01, 2008

Hey Bubba, Is This Up to Code?

When the Scaleras come to visit us in Maryland, Bubba always checks over the house for any signs of fire danger. He makes sure the carbon monoxide detector and smoke alarm are in good working order.

Bubba would have an "attack" in China. Wires everywhere. Gas jets and gas water heaters (remember the picture?) with valves that can be opened or closed by anyone. "Keep the kitchen window when you have the gas water heater on. It's safer that way." Ayah!

Coming from a country with many regulations, I am surprised every day by the differences I see here. Some are definitely a bit unsettling. Others are a bit "freeing."

Take today...Our taxi ride to BISS was met with some heavy Beijing traffic. No problem for our driver. In an effort to get ahead, he passed around fifteen cars on the right shoulder and cut in to make a left turn. I'm not sure if this is regulated here or not, but I know a lot of drivers back in the US who would love to try that move without getting a ticket. Wowser!



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