Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Backpack Blues

Today was Julie's and my fourth day at school. Yesterday was our first day of classes. To get off on the right foot, I feel that need to do everything right for the first few weeks. I have been getting to class on time, bringing all the things I need, and doing my homework. Right now, I am one of the few who has carried through with these things. Some kids forget their stuff, are in class late, and forget their homework. I have not. Yet something happened to me today that could make me just like those students and give a bad impression.

We were out of school and on the bus debriefing Mom and Dad on our school day. Some seats opened up, so the others sat down. I stayed standing. It was very hot and I was very sweaty. I decided to take off my backpack. I set it down right in the middle of Mom and Dad. We talked on and on until we came to our stop. We got off and the bus started moving away. Thirty seconds later, Mom asked me where my backpack was. I realized that I had left it on the bus.

Dad and I booked after the bus, which had stopped at the light. Three-fourths of the way there, it started moving. We decided to grab a cab and go after it. The cab driver took us to the stop before where the bus was. We searched that depot, but it was not there. Dad said to us, "I am going after it!" Then, he told us to start walking to the depot where he was going. (If you know what Crocs are, Dad was wearing a pair of them and carrying a heavy backpack.)

When we came to the bend in the road, we saw Dad walking back. When I saw the green Geico bag in his hand, I was jumping up and down. Then I ran to him. On our walk back, he gave us the details. Here is what happened...

Question: What happened?

Answer: I looked around for the place where bus 683 stops. At first, I couldn't find it, but then I saw it across a busy intersection. I saw that there was only one 683 there, so I figured the bag was gone. But as I got closer, I saw there was a group of small building, so I figured I would ask around. Sure enough, a man inside one of the shacks held up your bag.



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