Monday, August 18, 2008

Our Windows on the World

So we've posted pictures of the inside of our apartment. Here is what things look like from our two balconies.

My favorite vantage point is the balcony off of what will be my and Desi's room. (Julie's still sleeping on the sofa in there until the mattress for her bed is delivered.) Out in the distance is the Summer Palace (click on the top photo to enlarge the image), the old imperial retreat that was used by generations of emperors seeking to get away from the heat of Beijing. (It's an interesting sign of the times that Beijing has sprawled so much that the Summer Palace is now considered to be at the edge of town.)

From the other side of the apartment, off the kitchen, we can look out and see the mountains that ring Beijing to the north and west. I keep thinking that somewhere out there is the Great Wall, just beyond my sight.

In the coming days and weeks, one of my goals is to unlock the mysteries of the area that surrounds our complex, to flesh out those buildings and landscapes that are essentially two-dimensional images to me today...



At 7:30 PM, Blogger Sharon said...

What a beautiful view!


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