Friday, August 29, 2008

My First Day of School

Today, Julie and I started school at BISS (BISS stands for Beijing International School). We woke up 5 am and took showers, brushed our teeth, got dressed, and went out the door. We got breakfast at our usual youtiao stand. Then, we walked out of our complex and onto the main road. There, we had a little trouble finding a taxi, but once we got one, we were on our way.

Finally, after a 15 minute, 31 kuai taxi ride, we had arrived. Through the fence, Julie and I saw kids everywhere! Julie and I saw the homeroom board and went to see which class we were in. I was in Ms. Reason's class and Julie was in Mr. Saunders' class.

When the bell rang, Julie and I went to the third floor to ask where our room was. They were almost directly across the hall from one another. My class had ten kids in it; 5 boys and 5 girls. Julie's class had 11 kids; 6 boys and 5 girls.

We started the day off with two periods of homeroom activities. Then, we unpacked our supplies and got our locker keys. Then, another teacher picked us up and took us to the annex. There, we did three activities and then had break. After break, we went back and did six more activities. Then, some teachers spoke to us about student council. After that, we were sent to different classes and did a project. We made a poster, a skit, and a short song.

At lunch, Julie and I did not bring any lunch money, so Julie worked and I played. Finally, the day was over.



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