Thursday, August 21, 2008

Me and My Mop

In Maryland, I'm a Swiffer girl. They are convenient and take care of business when the floors need cleaning. As a result, I haven't used a mop for years...until this week.

You see, plumbing in China is a bit different. With showers that don't have a stall or tub to contain the spray, and a washing machine that empties through a tube into a drain in the floor (you lay the tube by the drain when you do the laundry), the mop has become my buddy. Swiffers don't exist here, but if they did they wouldn't be equipped to handle these situations.

I'm looking forward to figuring out how to better confine the water in our apartment to it's appropriate spaces. So far this has not been the case. Until I do though, my handy-dandy mop will be by my side, keeping us dry.



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