Thursday, August 28, 2008

In the Studio

A few days ago, we were in Shanghai for the Fulbright orientation. We decided to visit the ChinesePod office. Daddy had been keeping in touch with people like Amber and Jenny, and they arranged a time for us to stop by. We caught a taxi to their office (in a brand new building) a little bit early just in case it took a long time to find. It took only a few minutes to find where we were supposed to go and, before long, we were stepping out of an elevator on the third floor.

When we walked in, Amber, JP, and Tabasco (from SpanishPod) were sitting and laying on the couches in the front. Adi came over to give us a tour of the office. Adi first introduced us to JiaoJie and Connie, who were sitting at the table closest to the front door. We also met John Pasden (who was really tall!). Adi also took us to see where Amber, JP, and Connie were going to record their latest podcast. After taking a few photos in the studio, headphones included, Jenny came over to catch the action.

The four of us, plus Jenny and Adi, left the recording studio. We then met Hank and Ken Carroll, who are the starters of ChinesePod. We had the best time talking with all of them and laughing about everything, from the first podcast we ever listened to to peoples' reactions when they hear that Daddy works at Beida (people really do look up to professors who work there!).

After a good hour and a half was spent, we said goodbye, knowing that the people who work at ChinesePod really are as nice as they sound on their podcasts!



At 9:01 AM, Blogger Melissa said...

Oh my! I can't believe you met Jenny and Ken Carroll! I'm Melissa, an ex-coworker of your Mom.


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