Friday, August 29, 2008

If You Really Want Something, You'll Figure Out How To Get It

So Steve and I had a date today. The kids were at school and we did what we do best: explore. After walking, say, 5 miles around Beijing, it was time for some lunch. In Beijing, many of the food gems are hidden inside buildings that wouldn't get a second look in the States. (Or they're right in front of you at a stand on the street!)

In any case, Steve and I were looking for a place to sit, relax and chi fan. Today we found a tiny place that specialized in steamed dumplings. The menu was completely in Chinese, so since the name of the place had the word "dumpling" in it, we ordered what you'd expect. When we went to the back room (Sounds seedy, no? It really isn't at all!) to pick up our lunch, we noticed that they had other things on the menu, obvious from what others were eating. One of the items was something I used to enjoy very much at A&J's Dim Sum in Rockville. It is a "cucumberish" dish with chili peppers in some type of delicious sauce.

"How can we get some of that?" I asked Steve. In the meantime I looked up and saw a picture of it on the wall. I was psyched to see that the Chinese characters were right next to it! I took a picture so that I can memorize it for next time. Steve pointed to it and asked the counter person what it was called. He said it over and over as he went back to the front of the restaurant to order it. He brought the digital camera with him just in case he needed to show them (he didn't). He came back to the food area and presented the slip to the counter person. Voila! Hen hao chi!



At 9:50 AM, Blogger Melissa said...


I do the same thing when I don't know the name of a dish! I'm so glad that you guys are having such a great time over there.

Your family blog is really interesting and fun to read. I took a look at some old articles too :) Where are your dogs staying?

Last of all, did Steve ever write a follow-up entry about his potential lecture topics? It would be interesting to hear what grabbed the attention of the Chinese universities.

Love to you all,
Melissa Loh

At 8:38 PM, Blogger The Balla Family said...

The dogs are at Camp Grandma and Grandpa, having a good old time.

So far, the one lecture I have set up has to do with White House review of agency regulations. The university down in Shanghai is interested in this because this was a significant reform to the US political system, and they are putting on a conference about reforming the Chinese system. Should be interesting. And we get to go back to Shanghai!

Glad you are on board, Melissa!

Desi wants to know where you are...



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