Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Great Train Adventure

Since the Fulbright meeting is in Shanghai, we had to go from Beijing to Shanghai. We decided to take the train to Shanghai. Getting the tickets is a whole other blog, but still we got them. [Editor's note: It was a cash exchange on the street with a person we never met, with the transaction taking place all in Chinese.]

We took the bus from our house to the subway. A few stops later, we were at the train station. First, we stood around, looking to see what our train info was. After a while, we went inside.

First, we went to the wrong area. Then we went looking around upstairs for it. Finally, we figured out where to go. Daddy and Julie went to McDonald's. We ate and waited.

Finally, we got to board. Julie and I were jumping up and down a lot as we walked because we were excited. When we boarded, we put our stuff away and chose beds. I chose the top bunk and so did Julie.

We mainly looked out the window and talked before bed. Bed was awesome! There were huge blankets and comfy pillows. We woke up at around 5:30 am. We looked out the window and talked some more.

When we got to Shanghai, we took a cab to our hotel and checked in. [Editor's note: After three tries, we finally have toilet paper!]



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