Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Goodbye Crazy Hair Guy, Hello Bird's Nest

There's this guy in our neighborhood with really big, crazy, unruly hair. He's often out and about, walking and running anywhere from DC to suburban Maryland. For years now, we've had a little family contest...who can be the first to spot "crazy hair guy" going by?

And it's not just him. On one road trip, we had a pretty intense game of "Cooper Wars," trying to spot more "Minis" than anyone else in the family. (Perhaps a Smart Car competition is next?)

It is in this spirit (and just what would that spirit be?) that we have agreed upon our first little China spotting game...who will be the first Balla to lay their eyes on the Bird's Nest? The winner gets the Beijing Olympics trinket of their choice...not pirated, of course!

I call the window seat!



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