Thursday, August 21, 2008

Beauty across the Bund

When Steve and I were at Disney in 1985 for our senior class trip, I was so disappointed to see that Cinderella's castle was gray. From the Wonderful World of Disney, I thought that it would be white (and that the building I had laid my eyes upon had to be the witch's castle).

Fast forward 23 years and today was just the opposite.

In one of those crazy Balla contests, I was the one who spotted the Pearl Tower. It was like Dorothy spotting the Emerald City. While I had seen pictures of this place in travel books, it was so much more impressive and beautiful in person. It is so modern looking!

If you've ever seen Men in Black, you'd be convinced that it's a rocket awaiting an alien evacuation. In any case, it is part of an incredible skyline that helps to make Shanghai a stand-out mega-city.



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