Thursday, August 21, 2008

85 Steps...But It's Pink

When I heard a few weeks ago that we were going to be living on the 6th floor of an apartment building in Beijing, I wasn't concerned. Surely there would be an elevator, right?


You see, stairs have always been my Dante's Inferno. I imagine myself on the seventh circle of you-know-where climbing stairs for all eternity. Apparently, I'm in for an attitude shift. I can make myself feel better by thinking of the health benefits. I can tell already that I'm getting more fit because I make it a bit farther each time. I'll let you know when I make it to the top without stopping (shopping bags excluded, of course).

On a more colorful note, our apartment building and the entire complex for that matter is pink. To Julie and me, this is great, given our affinity for everything pink. And while apartment architecture here is a bit "communist block style," the color (and the beautiful trees in the courtyard) make it very pleasant. Day and night, there are always people walking about...from elderly women doing tai ji quan to people buying fresh produce from others who have set up make-shift stands...but it is surprisingly quiet and peaceful for a city of 17 million. Not a bad place to set up housekeeping and acquire rock-solid calf muscles for the year.



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