Thursday, July 24, 2008

Unheard Of

Sorry for my lack of bloggage lately, but my role in the home stretch errand derby has kicked into high gear. Just ask the kids about the never ending list that seems to wax and wane not unlike the moon...never really disappearing.

Take yesterday. Faced with 19 stops including high points like Costco (for industrial strength Pepto Bismol), the dry cleaner (time to get those clothes ready for packing), and Sally's Hair Supply (just how many cans of Volumax will I need for a year of big hair is unknown, but to be on the safe side, my magic number is four). While we hit only 16 of the marks before heading home to collapse on the couch, we knew "tomorrow would be another day." That tomorrow was today...another hefty list. We whittle it down, but somehow at each step we think of other things we should do before we leave.

All in all, we now have more meds than CVS, I have more shoes than Payless, and our new addition "space bag" for our winter coats is set to help hold us to our 2 bag/1 carry-on each limit. I'm no girl scout, but I am prepared!

Steve, are you sure you don't need a few more deodorants?



At 8:37 PM, Blogger Sharon said...

Better ship a box of Volumex ahead of time. A girl can never have too much hairspray! If you run out, e-mail me & I'll send you some.


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