Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Time to Do the Laundry...Ugh!

What would you do if your washing machine broke right before you were going to move away (to, say, China...)? Would you buy a new one? Would you clean your clothes at the laundromat?

This, unfortunately, was a decision we just had to make...

The argument for the "back to grad school" plan:
  • scoping out a new washer would take time away from other, more crucial move preparations
  • buying a new machine would cost real money at a time when we are squirreling away as much as possible
  • most importantly, is it a good idea to have a new appliance sitting there unused for a year?
The argument for the "get reacquainted with your favorite Sears salesman" plan:
  • it will be a hassle to have to buy a new washer right after we get back (there will be so much else to do...and so much jet lag!)
  • it is unclear just how good or bad our finances will be after a year of living abroad
  • most importantly, who wants to spend a month of their life hanging out in laundromats?
Well, we decided on on Plan A...and are having constant regrets...
  • laundromats are HOT in the summer!
  • laundromats are claustrophobic (I guess that's good practice for China...)
  • laundromats are full of creatures of the I write this, cockroaches are pouring out from under/behind a washing machine that is leaking something fierce...


At 10:48 AM, Blogger Macefamily said...

AHH.. how about plan c, a Laundromat with fewer occupants. lol Don't forget keep purse and all belongings high. You don't want a hitchhiker. Yuck.. You could always try hand washing. Apparently it is big in China. So much so Walmart went to Tide and they came up with a hand washing detergent when they realized the regular Tide was not selling. It could be great practice.

Also, where is the ticker? I keep waiting to see a count down ticker for the big day. Love us

At 8:58 PM, Blogger Desi said...

Dear Donna,
But I've gotten more looks lately than the Internet...LOL. Actually I dislike the whole scene. I always feel like I need a shower when we get home but I don't want to use another towel since that will make us need to return sooner! These places are gross.
The new addition was the cockroaches. What I didn't know didn't hurt me. Unfortunately now I know...
I guess I could start the hand washing in preparation but I'm thinking a "wash and fold" may be a bit more up my alley.

Love, Desi

PS We tried a few tickers at your request but they looked a little cheesey. If you know of a site with a good one, let us know. In any case, right now we are 21 days away from "take-off."


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