Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Still Burnin' Down the Road

Here we are, 15 years into this great adventure (23 if you count those "long eight years" we spent dating!), and we end up in one of our long-lost, "classic" places.

This is where Desi, about 13 years ago, uttered her infamous "there's something coming at us" line. Looking down the mountain from the tee, Desi spotted what she was convinced was a wolf, looking hungry, coming to get us. To this day, I still argue it was a dog from the neighborhood. This is one that will never be resolved to either of our satisfaction!

And then it was from this exact spot, a few years prior to the dog/wolf incident, that Desi cried out, "leave the balls there!" This was right after we had both teed off. For some reason, each of us had plastered drives right down the middle (still a rare occurrence!). Then, all of a sudden, a summer storm came rumbling in from over the mountain. We needed to high-tail it back to the clubhouse, but Desi didn't want our good drives go to waste (Desi was known for making 18s on the hole...). Convinced the storm would pass, we sat in the car for at least half an hour, until it became obvious that this was no passing shower. We moved on to Golden Corral, and the balls stayed where there were (luckily, they were just rock-flites...).

And here we are now...a foursome...nice! Played best ball...carded a birdie...nice!



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