Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Berry Picking

Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, cherries, and peas! Any of these things sound good farm fresh? They do to me and that is always the reason why, year after year, our Camp Mommy tradition has been to take several day trips to Butlers Orchard to pick the berries in season.

The best (and easiest) berries to pick are the blueberries. They are always delicious and are so big and blue that you can't resist eating a few on the spot! (Also, we always have generous neighbors who make wonderful blueberry desserts for us!)

Last Tuesday, we took our annual trip to pick blueberries with our grandma on board for the ride. When we pulled up to the blueberry picking parking lot, we did what we always do; bought two buckets and waited for the tractor to come and take us to the numerous rows of bushes. The bushes look as though they have been stained blue by the millions of berries that cover the smooth green leaves. So many people are out picking berries each day but the herds of people are no match for the innumerable numbers of berries waiting to be picked.

We picked almost two whole buckets full of berries in hardly any time at all. The berries would be jumping into the buckets on their own if the picking was any easier. We had had a great time picking even though it was hot in the sun, but I knew that the fun wasn't quite over yet. My grandmother had spotted a sign that pointed to cherry trees and had insisted that we get some. I knew that we were getting those cherries if it killed us.

On our way to the few cherry trees available, we saw the strawberries which were almost out of season but still delicious. Z and I picked what we could off of the small plants that spanned almost two fields of the orchard. We picked a good number of berries before moving on to the long awaited cherries.

What we expected to be tree after tree full of beautifully colored cherries, turned out to be five trees with only a few cherries left on each. I picked the peas in a field next to the cherries and was surprised to see how few the cherries were.

Even though we hardly got any cherries, I had a great time picking (as always!) and I know everyone else had a great time too (including my grandma who got her cherries the next day when we went back to find the newly opened trees overloaded with fruit)!



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