Tuesday, July 01, 2008

This Will Make a Good Poster for Our Apartment in Běijīng

What a rare treat it was the other night to have a goodbye party thrown on our behalf. I mean, it's not like we are moving away permanently to some far-off, exotic location...like, say, York, Pennsylvania...

Hey, we'll be gone for about a year. By the time anyone really notices that we've left, it will be just about time for us turn around and head back. And there we'll be...dropping off and picking up the kids at school (I should say schools, plural), and lectoring and distributing communion at Mass on Sunday.

In the meantime, thanks, gang, for noticing that we will be leaving. And be sure to think of us the next time you pour yourself a nice, warm glass of Qīngdǎo. (Yes, they really do drink it that way! "Coming up next...Our cameras follow Steve Balla around China in his ongoing quest to wash down some tasty xiǎolóngbāo with a cold bottle of píjiǔ.")




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