Friday, June 20, 2008

Skype Us!

Two months ago, Grammy and Grampy didn't even have a computer. Hard to believe, isn't it? But talk about a lightening fast turnaround...

The first trip up to Jersey was to set up the computer and introduce Grammy and Grampy to the operating system and its basic features. Lots of solitaire...right Grammy!?

Then, thanks go to Eunice for stopping by a number of times and getting some e-mail action going. Just make sure you respond when we send you messages...hǎo hǎo!?

Finally, on our last trip up north, we set up Skype, for audio and especially video calls. The opportunity to see each other from the other side of the world is very exciting (and essential!) for all of us. Here's how it went...

Install Skype on Grammy and Grampy's computer.

Drive to the nearest McDonald's (they all have wifi now). Actually, I went to the McDonald's that Grammy used to take Andrew and I to meet Eunice and Barbie when we were little kids. What a cool throwback!

Set up my laptop, with webcam, in a quiet corner of the restaurant (can you call McDonald's a restaurant?).

Buy a sweet tea. (Now there's a redeeming quality of today's McDonald's...a little taste of the trip to Durham required...not that spending time in Durham is a bad thing.)

Place a Skype call. It all works! Hi guys...I see you!

Practice a bunch of times. I call you...can you answer? [Check.] Can you call me? [Check.]

Since then, it's been fun singing happy birthdays (June is a big birthday month in the Balla household). You guys look as good as you sound!!!



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