Friday, June 13, 2008

Our Chinese Apartment

We just received word about our housing options in 中国。 Here are the details...

We have spent a week to search for the accommodation for your family. We have found three units/apartments (all fully furnished) you may want to consider:

1. A 3 bedroom unit in university managed housing, 80m2, 15 minute bus trip to the campus, 4000 yuan per month

This is a typical unit for a family of associate professor in China, almost no living area - probably suitable to place a dining table only.

The lest can be started from the 15th of August.

2. A 3 bedroom apartment in commercialized property, 90m2, less than 5 minute bus trip to the campus, 6000 to 6500 yuan per month

A commercialized apartment, closer to western standard.

The lest can only be started at late August because of Olympics.

3. A 3 bedroom apartment in the same area as above, 120m2, 8000 yuan per month the condition and lest are the same as above.

It is Peking University's policy to pay 3000 yuan per month only for the accommodation of foreign visiting scholar, and my school would like to add 1000 yuan per month to it. Thus, if you want to pick up option 2 or 3, you will have to make up the extra yourself.

Let me know your preference.

We didn't spend much time hassling over this decision. It was an easy one for us...



At 7:26 AM, Blogger Macefamily said...

Ok, the Math geek in me got the best of me. I had to figure out the amounts in square feet and dollars. (It's all part of the OCD, lol) First choice is not so bad, You're only living there a year and if I figured the conversion right it's 860.80 Sq. Feet at $579.83 a month. 2nd is 908.40 sq. feet at $869.75-$9422.34 a month and the thrird is insane at 1291.2 sq feet at $11,596.72 a month. So you buy less while you are in China, it will be less to ship back when you fly home. Cheaper too since the price per bag on the airlines keep raising. I also figured out price per square foot for each apartment but I'm thinking that if I post that you might think I am total insane.

Have fun packing. Donna

At 6:47 PM, Blogger Desi said...

Dear Donna,
Oops...thanks to your math skills, we noticed a rather large (degree of ten) mistake in our posting...things are going up in price everywhere...but not by that much! In any case, check out the revision and you won't be as shocked at the $...You may be, though, at our selection...Door #1. Since we live like hamsters as it is now, we figure , what's the difference? I'm glad you figured out the conversions, though, because that's definitely not my strong point...I'm ok with the meters to feet thing, but the squares freak me out:)
Love, Desi


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