Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Great (and Timely) Gift

You know the age-old birthday question..."What do you get a [blank] who has everything?" Well, Desi and the kids found a way to surprise this old guy, even after all of these years of exchanging gifts.

The scene that greeted me as I was waking up was totally unexpected. Although I was groggy (and wasn't yet wearing glasses), I could clearly recognize the "athlete" who Julie and Z were carrying into the bedroom. There I was, crossing the finish line in the Charlottesville Sprint Triathlon, about this time last year. Desi had snapped the picture (perfect timing!), and now the crew had gone ahead and blown the thing up into a poster, complete with my swimming cap and race number as decorations. A truly thoughtful present...

...And one that now reminds me, every time I look at it, that this year's C'ville Tri is only a few days away. So I might as well lay out my goals. This way, I won't be able to manufacture an artificial "victory" after the fact (not that I'd do anything like that...yeah, right!).

I still, of course, want to avoid drowning and would really like to finish the race (for some reason I have flat tire on the brain). As for times, let's try these out:

Beat 1:49:56. This was my time last year. My training plan over the past 15 weeks has all been about going faster, so it seems like this will be an important measure of what I have (or haven't) accomplished in that regard.

Break 1:45. I really have no idea how reasonable it is to think that I will be able to shave five minutes off my time, but it seems like a good goal. It's what I will keep in my mind when all of that anaerobic pain kicks in, especially during the run segment. That, plus the knowledge that Desi and the kids will be waiting for me at the finish line. Julie will have way more energy this year (no mono related virus to slow her down!). Z will no doubt be running along side me for the final sprint. And Desi will be there once again with her camera in hand...



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