Thursday, May 29, 2008

Talent Show, China

A couple of weeks ago, Julie and I got papers to warn us of the upcoming talent show. Everyone got the form that gave the details. There would be twenty acts, and to sign up you needed a parent's signature.

Three days before the tryouts, Julie had the idea to sing a song in Chinese. We heard this song at ChinesePod, where we learn Chinese. So we practiced and practiced over the weekend.

When Monday arrived, we had to do the tryouts after school. We had to try out first, which made us more nervous to begin with. To top that off, our CD did not work, so we had to sing a capella.

We got the vibe that we were in, so we kept practicing. We chose our clothes and decided how to get the music on.

Soon the day of the talent show arrived. J and I were act 18 and to our surprise, Dad was there! When our turn arrived, we walked out nervously. Then the music started and we started singing. When the song was over, we got a standing ovation. Afterwards, everyone told us how good we were. We were very happy after that and for some time to come.



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