Thursday, May 08, 2008

请问 or...Can I Please ask a Question?

This evening the weather was absolutely luscious so we decided to head to Downtown Silver Spring for some outside dining at Baja Fresh. When we pulled into the parking lot we knew it was going to be a fun night because we spotted "Question-Mark Man's" wife's car -- an orange Scion xB, personalized with, what else?...question marks, of course. Now the family competition was on. Who would spot him first?

The victory is all mine!

Who is this guy, you ask? You may know him as Matthew Lesko, the "Free-Money" man who appears on TV commercials, usually chasing people around DC, presumably trying to save them money. He's quite an attraction in the DC area because he's a local. You can't miss his home since his yellow Mini-Cooper and his motorbike, adorned with question marks sits in his driveway. As an aside, since his home is often on our route when we're out and about, we often see who can yell out "Question-Mark Man" first as we pass it by. He, himself, stands out in the crowd with his funky glasses and outrageous attire -- crazy sport coats with, well, you know.

One afternoon I was walking out of work with a colleague when "Question Mark Man's" wife pulled up in her very familiar car. She stopped next to us and rolled down her window. She said to us, "I have a question." Before she could speak another word, he looked at her with a rather comical expression and said, "of course you do!"

Priceless! (I only wish I had been the one to say it!)

Now, let me tell you about "Crazy Hair Guy." Okay, I'll save that one for another time!



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