Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Famous Artist Study

This is a report I did for school:

For my famous artist report, I have chosen to study Pablo Picasso, an abstract artist. Picasso had many eras in his lifetime but I will focus on his most famous style of painting, cubism. One of the reasons I chose Picasso is that I have always had a great appreciation for his styles of art. To me, abstract art shows the same amount of talent in an artist as any realistic painter. Picasso's choice as to where he places individuals in his paintings and how he gives the features in his paintings unique looks and feelings had always interested me. He developed over time, a special way to make the objects in his paintings take a form that they never could in the real world. This aspect of his paintings has attracted me to Picasso's unique styles and that is the reason I have studied Picasso's life and paintings for this project.

In Spain on October 25, 1881, Pablo Picasso was born the child of an art educator. It was apparent from a young age that Pablo had an extreme ability in painting. He went to an artists' school in Barcelona where he excelled. As an adult, he began painting in different styles. His first period is known as the Blue Period and those paintings all have blue color schemes. This style lasted only four years before Picasso moved on. His next period is called the Rose Periods but it only lasted a year. These paintings have a rosy color scheme and are happier in feeling. The most distinct period in Picasso's life was his cubist period. He developed this style with George Braque and Juan Gris. His other period of painting was called the NeoClassic Period and these paintings were more realistic. Picasso also painted cubist style pictures of war because he lived during World Wars I and II. Throughout Picasso's life, he had four children and became good friends with many famous artists. He died on April 8, 1973.

In Picasso's paintings, he used oil paints as his medium. Oil paints typically take a long time to dry but blend nicely together, making the perfect paint for painting people. Picasso often also made use of the brightness of oil paints, especially in his later paintings. In my masterpiece, I used acrylic paint as my medium. Unlike oil paints, acrylic paints take much less time to dry. They too, however, blended into one another easily and were bright enough for me to imitate Picasso's colorful style. Using these paints, I was also able to mimic Picasso's cubist styles and the subjects of his paintings.

Picasso used many different objects as the subject matter for his paintings. In his most unique style of painting, cubism, he used several different types of subjects to paint. In his early cubist period, Picasso painted people, still lifes of fruit, and scenes of forests or cities. In his Analytical Cubist period. Picasso painted people and instruments and in his Synthetic Cubist period, he painted many kinds of household scraps and made collages that looked like instruments. He painted all of these things using solid shapes to form a larger picture. This use of geographic figures is what distinguishes the style of cubism from other styles. The subjects of Picasso's paintings vary, depending on the period of his paintings but these were the main images he pictures in his cubist period.

In my masterpiece, I chose to use Picasso's cubist style of painting and a subject matter that I could relate with, to paint. I painted a still life of a beach scene using geometric shapes like triangles, squares, rectangles, and trapezoids. I also used crooked angles to make my painting look more abstract. Although Picasso didn't paint still life beach scenes very often, I did find one with a person lying on the beach so the subject of my paintings does relate to one of his paintings.

Picasso used a variety of models to paint his paintings. When he did a portrait of a person, he would have the person pose for him while he painted. Anytime he painted a still life of a household object, it was something in his house that he could look at. Although he looked at models for his paintings, Picasso also added aspects to them that he came up with using imagination. For example, he might add shapes to a person's head that make them look more abstract in his cubist style. Picasso used this combination to form his own vein of art.

Although Picasso used both models and imagination in his works of art, I solely relied on my own creativity in my masterpiece. I chose my subject, an ocean scene, because I knew it was something that I could paint in the cubist style of Picasso. I also enjoy going to the beach and painting a beach is easy for me since I have been to so many of them. The way I chose to paint my masterpiece is different from the way Picasso finished his but I still followed the style of cubism that Picasso used often in his paintings. I appreciate Picasso's outstanding techniques and methods and he is one of the great contributors to modern art.



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