Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Where's It Gonna Be?

By the way, the four of us are still waiting to hear what city we will be living in when we move to China (which is happening in only three or four!). In the meantime, we have been keeping busy with our language studies, as well as taking care of the details that need to be arranged no matter where we end up.

Health care. We have always been insured through Montgomery County Public Schools, where Desi works. But with Desi taking a leave of absence, that is of course not an option (without doing that bank-breaking COBRA thing). So we will be switching over to one of GW's plans. Thankfully, since this is a "change in status" kind of event, we don't have to wait around for open enrollment.

The mail. A colleague of mine who is currently spending the year in Moscow tells me that bulk items aren't sent along when you have your mail forwarded to another address. This is good news, as the vast majority of our important communications (creditors and so forth) will be electronic. Good news, that is, for whoever it is that agrees to do this for us!

Physical exams. Fulbright requires that all four of us get checked out and cleared for life abroad. My exam is apparently the most extensive, which strikes me as a wee bit curious given that we all will be plopped down into the same foreign environment. (Yeah, I know that I am the grantee, but still...)

Julie's high school. Julie's first shadow visit is now under her belt, with a few more to come in the weeks ahead.

Property management. We have an agent coming by this Friday, probably to tell us that our house is a disaster and that no one in their right mind would want to rent it for a school year.

It seems like there should be more items on this list. (Or maybe each one of these tasks is just taking a long time to close out.) What am I missing, Des?



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