Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Real Life Family Circus

When I was a kid, I really liked opening up the Sunday paper and checking out Family Circus. You remember Family Circus, that comic strip where the kids blamed "Not Me" for everything bad that happened in the household.

My favorite strips were the ones where Billy or one of the other kids zigzagged around the house and the neighborhood, a dashed line marking every bird bath that was splashed in and every newly washed car that was jumped on.

Well, today is my Billy day...

Out the door by 7 am.

Sit in traffic on Connecticut Avenue, trying to figure out the best rush hour route to the Academy of the Holy Cross.

Drop Julie off at Holy Cross with a few minutes to spare.

Try an alternate way back toward Julie and Z's school, up Beach Drive through Rock Creek Park.

Look back at Z to verify that he is not joking about how he has just lost a tooth in the back seat.

Send Z on his way at school, a few minutes later than usual, but not bad given how we got there.

Drive back home, park the car, walk to the Metro, and head on down to campus.

Teach a class on regression analysis!

Eat leftover tacos for lunch (while editing an article I am writing).

Jump back on the Metro and head home (more editing).

Pick Julie up at Holy Cross.

Reconvene with Desi and Z back at the house, for an interlude of work.

Grab some dinner on the run, on the way to...

...the headquarters of National Geographic (downtown, near my office).

Take in "Inside the Dragon," a program by a couple of journalists and photographers who have covered China for many years (we are kind of interested in the topic...).

Drive out of Washington, DC and back to home, sweet home...



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