Monday, March 03, 2008

Wudge and Nudge

It's hard to give a wudge attention when you have a nudge in the house. What does a wudge do? Well, it begs. And what does a nudge do? Well, it interferes with what the wudge is doing.

Who is the nudge in the house? BLUE! How does she nudge Cameron? In every way, shape, and form!

She literally treats him as if he were popular. Anything he does, she is right behind him doing the same thing. Let's use the beach as an example. Mom and I went out for a stroll with the dogs to the beach. Cameron trots over to the side of the street to investigate something. Not far behind is Bluebage, copying him. First, she cuts him off. Then, she sniffs the item. (Cameron walks away.) Next, she loses interest. After that, she walks over to Cameron and bumps him. Finally, she tries to start playing.

Another example is when Cameron is getting petted. She comes over and pushes him out of the way, gets petted, and then tries to start playing.

She is so mean to him sometimes, but she is really not so bad. She is just a nudge.



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