Monday, March 17, 2008

Lenten Inspiration

The other night, we attended a beautiful Taize prayer service, full of song, scripture, and silence. Perhaps one of the most inspirational items, though, was a passage included at the beginning of the program. It was written by Brother Roger of Taize, a man whose mission was to reconcile Christians and whose letters and lessons highlight the importance of prayer in our lives:

In a technological society, there is a clear separation between prayer and work. When inner life and human solidarity appear to be in competition with one another, as if people had to choose between them, that opposition tears apart the very depths of the soul.

Prayer is a serene force at work within human beings, stirring them up, transforming them, never allowing them to close their eyes in the face of evil, of wars, of all that threatens the weak of this world. From it we draw the energy to wage other struggles--to enable our loved ones to survive, to transform the human condition, to make the earth a place fit to live.

All who walk in the footsteps of Christ, while being in the presence of God, remain alongside other people as well. They do not separate prayer and commitment.



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