Tuesday, March 04, 2008

How to Really Learn Chinese, Part 1

This past weekend I really got fed up with the slow pace with which I'm learning Chinese. I go to my weekly lessons, listen to hours of Pimsleur and ChinesePod each week (much more than I used to given we're actually moving there in a few months...and since I've entered the iPod age), yet I just don't seem to get it. A-yah.

Well, I refuse to give up so I'm pulling out all the stops. On the aside, I guess it's a good thing to be frustrated with learning once in a while so that I don't forget what it feels like to be on the "other side of the desk." As a result, I'm appealing to my visual learning modality. I'm labeling everything in the house. Stand still long enough and I'll label you, too. One by one, note cards are going up in simplified Chinese characters as well as Pinyin. It's kind of like Kindergarten all over again.

Sounds silly...but it's working!



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