Friday, February 22, 2008


A few years ago, Blair instituted the Word of the Day. Each day, teachers across the curriculum are asked to go over the word, definition, and a sentence for these SAT-style words. All well and good. I must say that even I've learned a few new ones.

This year, I've added to the fun by introducing the ZWOD, or Zhōngwén Word of the Day. The kids love it since I'm putting useful phrases, like hǎo yìsi ("my bad") and, for Valentine's Day, ài ("I love you"). For the kids who thought that was a bit deep, I gave them xǐhuan ("I like you"). One student asked, "What about 'I don't like you'?" "OK," I said, "that's xǐhuan ." I can just hear her now in the cafeteria... xǐhuan ... xǐhuan !

If I forget to change the ZWOD, they call me out. Now, if only they'd do that about the regular Word of the Day.



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