Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Shot

Super Bowl Sunday

Today Julie went to her friend's house to watch Hairspray. That left the whole night for me to spend with Mom and Dad. A couple of years ago, Mom and Dad got me a basketball hoop for my birthday. Over time, it has worn out. So today we went to Sports Authority to buy a new hoop. The basketball hoop is regulation height. It has a blue backboard. And the backboard is plexi-glass. It is awesome.

February 10

Today we are putting the hoop together.


Nothing happening.


Still nothing happening.


I have been abandoned outside.


We are working inside.


We are outside again.


It's coming along.


Finally, it is coming to a close. Mom did a lot of hard work. Well, it's finished and now I get to take the first shot. Of course, it misses, but I did get a little help. Who did it? Daddy! He did a lot of hard work and will enjoy it a lot.

Thanks Mom and Dad!



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