Sunday, February 24, 2008

Interactive Fish

His name is Blazer and I bought him as a class pet. He spent a few weeks at school, but when I brought him home over a break, I quickly realized that he was no ordinary fish. This fish actually responds to human interaction--coming to the surface or his "window" when he hears his name.

Of course, Steve didn't believe when I told him this fish was special. I don't blame him...after all, it's a fish. He's been swayed though, by proof positive. Blazer responds and "greets" him as well.

Over Christmas, I thought we might lose Blazer to one of those "icky" fish illnesses. He looked lethargic and seemed to need the assistance of his fake plant to keep from floating to the top. I was truly upset (as I'd never been before...about a fish). Somehow, though, Blazer bounced back and is as happy today as I've seen him.

The kids at school often ask, "Where's Blazer?" I tell them that I'll be bringing him back as soon as I have the chance. That used to be totally true, as I intended for him to remain class pet. Now, though, I'm attached and a bit concerned about his survival as we have "lost" a few class pets to mysterious circumstances. Now that he's a family member, he has "graduated" from school.



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