Monday, February 25, 2008

In Season, Out of Season

In what has become a fairly regular winter ritual, we spent this past weekend down at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. For two Jersey kids who grew up close to the shore, but never went anywhere near the beach outside of the Memorial Day-Labor Day season, this has been an unexpectedly fun "discovery."

Rehoboth is not much more than 100 miles away, and without summer traffic it is a breeze to get there. Then there is the hotel situation. For $119, we can check in Friday and stay until Sunday afternoon (late check out is part of the deal). This is at a hotel, mind you, that costs like $250 a night during the peak season. This time around, we (and our intrepid travel buddies, the Scaleras) were the only people staying in the entire hotel.

And it is not just the roads and the hotels that are easy to access. It is awesome to have the beach to ourselves. Sure, there is no swimming or sun bathing. But the kite flying sure was excellent. And it's great to have the dogs on the beach, any time of day or night. (I'm not sure Cameron feels the same way. I took him on one of my morning runs, from the Rusty Rudder to Dolle's. He was great for about the first quarter of the way. By the half way point, he was starting to fall behind. Eventually, I had to slow down to a walk and wait up for him. I guess the vet was right when she said he needs to drop a few pounds!)

No trip to the beach, of course, would be complete without some shore food. We raided the Candy Kitchen and had no problem getting a table at Nicola's...twice! The most crowded place we encountered on the entire trip? The pub at the Rusty Rudder, believe it or not. It was quite the scene. Ask me (or Bubba) about it sometime. For now, suffice it to say that partying apparently never goes out of season down at the beach...



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