Friday, February 29, 2008


So Z asks me, as usual, if he can go on Webkinz for a few minutes. As a non-PlayStation, Xbox-lacking, Wii-free family, I consent to, say, 20 minutes. A few minutes later I look at the screen and ask him what he's up to.

"Well, I'm setting up Duke's room...buying him a bunch of stuff because he's gonna pass away soon."

Visions of Ancient Egypt pass through my mind as I think of preparations for the afterlife. In this case, Webkinz heaven.

A sudden, unexpected sadness overtakes me as I think of how Z's going to react to the passing of his first Webkinz. Should we bury the stuffed Pug that accompanies the on-screen version in our backyard?

I know that Webkinz are the hottest thing since Beanie Babies. They're cute and lovable, and seemingly harmless. But should they really serve the purpose of educating children about loss?

I'm hoping "they" forget to end Duke's web-life or that somehow we can pay to re-up. If only it was really that easy...



At 9:14 PM, Blogger Macefamily said...

SAVE DUKE!!!!! Ok maybe not so dramatic, but there is a way to keep Duke living on. You may not enjoy the answer, but if you adopt another pet before his 'expiration' his life as well as the new pet will expire one year from the newest adoption. Of course this is webkinz way of making sure you keep adopting (or more importantly, buying. I won't even get into how many Celia and Matt have but they have bought most with their own money) So how about it? A cute Easter chick or my favorite, thr beagle Isn't Duke worth another $14.99? LOL Donna

At 9:22 PM, Blogger The Balla Family said...

Thanks! Don't worry, I have 12 or 13.

At 9:22 PM, Blogger The Balla Family said...

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