Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Vines, Vines, and More Vines

About five years ago (when I was "unsensible"), we were on a trail near the C&O Canal with puppy Cameron when we came across some vines. Now, these vines aren't just some lame-o half-inch vines. These are two inches, if not more. Daddy says, "When we found them, we climbed them."

So, assuming I climbed them (which I don't know is true), I supposedly had fun. This led to coming back every winter and climbing them.

About two years ago (when I started getting "sensible"), I reached fifteen feet. A year later, I reached seventeen to nineteen feet. This year I reached my high of twenty to twenty-five feet!

Now, I don't know how high Julie gets, but she gets up there.

Now that we have two dogs, the trip is even more fun. The other stuff we do out there is another story. Hopefully, next year (oops...I mean two years from now...after China) I will reach twenty-five to thirty feet. That's more than halfway up the fifty foot vines.

Well, that pretty much sums up vines, vines, v i n e get the picture.



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