Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Split-Second Decisions

It's kind of funny to me to me how Steve and I make big decisions. While my perception is that they are like mountains...huge monoliths that take eons to climb...in reality they usually happen in just a few minutes.

Let's take marriage, for example. After "dating" for 6 1/2 years, one fine January day we decided to take a "country ride" to discuss our future. Just like that. At the end of around 30 minutes (while driving up Club Blvd. in Durham) we had everything mapped out, including the exact date (July 17, 1993) and what ages we thought we should be when we had kids (27 and 29). Something I thought should take weeks or months, literally took minutes.

Fast forward 16 years...new topic but similar situation. Last Saturday morning (a fine January day) we started discussing one of our "big questions"..."What do we do with the house?" After mulling over all the options we had a decision before we even got out of bed. With a "mental deadline" of January 31st, and thoughts that a decision like this might take forever, we were amazed at the ease with which we reached our final verdict.

What's the bottom line? While it is a tantalizing thought to sell the house and start with a clean slate when we return, in reality we want our focus to be on planning our trip and not about getting the house ready for quick sale in a slow market. In addition, in an effort to have a smooth transition back, we plan to just close it up (instead of renting). As Steve put it, "let's just leave it like we do when we go to Hancock for the weekend...just vacuum and go." While it will be a little more like, "clear the pipes, shut off the heat, hire a landscaper and then vacuum and go," we think this is the right decision for us.

In the end, while the decisions we make seem to be split-second, the preparation, meeting of the minds and intense discussion allow the mountain to become a molehill.

Anyways, that former decision has worked out well so far...right, Steve?



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