Monday, January 21, 2008

Bus Sightings!

So far we have seen four buses with my picture on them. We saw two in downtown Silver Spring, and last night we saw two in Chinatown. In Silver Spring, we went to eat dinner at Bombay Gaylord because we knew we would be able to see a bus there (our principal had already seen one in Silver Spring). We sat by the window so we could spot one if it came by. Z spotted it first, and Daddy, Z, and me went running out of the restaurant to try to catch it. Luckily, it was stopped at a red light. So we proceeded to jump around, which I'm sure the people in the cars thought was crazy!

The next time we saw a bus was also in Silver Spring. We waited at the Metro station hoping to see one and get a good picture. Mommy spotted it coming from the street next to the station. We got some good pictures, but Daddy forgot the extra batteries so we only got pictures from a distance.

The third bus sighting was in Chinatown, right under the arch. We were about to cross the street when Mommy spotted the bus stopping to pick up passengers across the street. We got some pictures of me with the arch and the bus. Our excitement was short-lived over that bus because Z suddenly spotted another bus stopping right on the corner in front of us. We ran to it and started jumping around! Mommy got a good picture of me standing with my back against it and a picture of just my face on the bus. I don't think the people getting on the bus were too pleased (Z said they looked mad, especially one lady)!

Also, several kids in my class have seen buses with my picture on them, so they are out there. Keep an eye out for them!



At 8:45 AM, Blogger The Balla Family said...

Julie bus sighting! I was walking from Farragut North to campus and saw Julie ride by on K Street. Nice to see you, Julie!


At 12:11 PM, Blogger The Balla Family said...

Also, I just noticed that the picture is up on the Internet as well: Cool!


At 9:31 AM, Blogger The Balla Family said...

After a weekend of some bus watching, I think the total of "first sightings" now stands at:


Best bus watching moment? When a woman recognized that it was Julie on the bus, and came up to her with a high-five, saying, "They got you on the bus!"


At 8:42 AM, Blogger The Balla Family said...

Z is the official winner of the "Julie Bus Sighting Contest." Suǒyǐ nǐ xiǎng qù nǎr chī?



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