Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bombay Gaylord

As the third least adventurous eater in the house (Z has me beat by a mile), meat and potatoes were my staples. As a kid, my idea of eating out including Italian and Chinese. When we moved to Silver Spring, the options for Italian were limited and, while our choice of Chinese restaurants has gone up immeasurably, the ethic foods in our area are different.

A major breakthrough for me came a few years ago when the Sindelars invited us over for dinner. They chose to get some Indian food (which you can imagine was not my first choice). I was hesitant but luckily didn't have much choice, because it was awesome. My favorite dish was chicken tikka masala (with some onion kulcha on the side).

The food was from a restaurant we now frequent--Bombay Gaylord. Bombay Gaylord is undoubtedly in our top five restaurants in the area. It's inexpensive, the service is great (the waiters seem to know you after just a visit or two), and I haven't had better chicken tikka masala anywhere, including those more expensive establishments.

While on the weekends they have a great buffet, my first choice is "the usual"...which even Z doesn't mind being a part of:
  • one order of chicken pakora
  • one order of chicken tikka
  • one order of chicken tikka masala
  • rice
  • naan
  • onion kulcha
Thanks Sindelars!



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