Thursday, September 06, 2007

Floating Fish

Just beyond the shadow of the Jefferson Memorial is one of the cool, lesser known landmarks in the nation's capital. There, along the Southwest waterfront, is the DC fish market.

What's so cool about the fish market? For one thing, the market consists of a bunch of floating barges, moored at the edge of Washington Channel. These barges are the home to a variety of fish vendors. Many hawk fresh fish, everything from the well-known to the ethnically exotic. (What's that? Who would ever eat something that looks like that?)

Other vendors sell cooked fish, mainly fried sandwiches and platters made from flounder, shrimp, and the like. None of them are, in my experience, as good as Keyport Fishery, my personal benchmark for take-out fried seafood. But they aren't bad at all. In fact, I had some pretty good fish the other day, when we were down there with Grammy and Grampy.

A great thing about the market is that you can find a spot to sit along the waterfront and take in the sights while chowing down. There are the planes taking off and landing at Reagan Airport, right across the Potomac. There are the boats, like Julie's favorite, the Odyssey, and Z's favorite, the Spirit of Washington. And then there are the DC people, throwing fishing lines into the water, biking around, and doing all kinds of other urban outdoor activities.

A neat place to hang out...and live?