Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Why are Customs Agents So Mean?

This question came to me after I stopped shaking from the barrage of questions I was asked at Heathrow. It occurred to me that 99.99% of people who fly are just innocently taking to the sky for transport to business or holiday. The number of “bad people” is notably low. Yet the demeanor of Customs Agents by and large rattles even the innocent.

I found myself questioning my own answers because she looked at me with such a tough expression. “Are you spending your entire holiday in Leeds?” she asked in a very surprised tone...almost like I couldn't possibly find enough things to do there for 5 days. “Yes,” I said. Yet as I walked away I recalled that we would be in Manchester for an evening.

Steve would not let me go back to tell her…



At 11:18 AM, Blogger Macefamily said...

Hi Desi, don't feel to bad, it happens even in the US with the TSA agents. As much as we fly, (I think its 12 xs this year) it was bound to happen. Steve was "choosen" to go through the more detailed search. Let's just say these people are not hired for their personality. LOL Hope your trip was wonderful. Love Me


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