Thursday, December 20, 2007

To Work or Not to Work

That is the question, for me anyway. As we prepare for next year, I have a few decisions to make. On the table right now:

1. Be a stay-at-home mom for the year.

Pluses: Time for exploration. (I already got some experience on that front while we were in Leeds.) "Me time." I've always wanted to try it. I have visions of volunteering at Julie and Z's school a lot and trying out a new exercise plan. Maybe even take a TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) or acupuncture class.

Minuses: Missing the kids while they're at school. Being out of the classroom may make me rusty (or I may like it!). The cash...I haven't been "out of work" since I was 14!

2. Substitute teach at Julie and Z's school.

Pluses: I can pick and choose the days when I work and I'd have some spending money.

Minuses: You know how kids treat subs! That may be enough to nix it. Also, I'm so used to teaching that it may be difficult to "baby sit."

3. Get a job teaching in an international school.

Pluses: Meeting lots of kids from many different places (actually, that's not so different from of the most diverse schools in the country) ...and staying "in the game." Keeping busy and, of course, cash!

Minuses: Taking on a new job is a bit daunting. Since we have our sights on doing some traveling in China, I'm concerned with flexibility, given a full-time schedule. I'm not even sure I could get hired for only one year.

All in all, I'm sure that this choice will become clear soon. The decision will emerge based on job availability and, of course, financial need. Hey, by the way, do they have Avon in China? Ding dong!



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