Thursday, December 06, 2007

Sorry Kids…We’re Not Coming Home 'til the Tour is Over!

I just knew it...

It has been my dream to see Marillion in England for many, many years. Steve will tell you that I haven't been shy about that. I had a strong feeling that their popularity here would make for a concert unparalleled in the States. I was not disappointed. The "feel" was different…the crowd rapport was different…the "bells and whistles," unbelievably different. (Literally, they threw kazoos out into the audience for the last song!)

This concert was all I expected and more, including songs from albums past, brand new songs, and even a few rarities. My shining moment: "Cannibal Surf Babe." This is one of my absolute favorites but it is almost never one of their selections because it is a bit different for them stylistically. My sides still hurt 3 hours later because I "rocked" so hard.

Well, Steve, you thought you'd "quiet me down" by taking me to the UK to see 'em...You couldn't be more wrong! Now that’s the only place I want to see 'em!!!



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