Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Snow-Where Else Tour

Here's what Marillion played the other night in Manchester, with some observations from my perch right in front of stage left.

Bridge (A very moody opening to the evening, with Mark starting things off with the water and foghorn effects that famously open up the Brave album.)

Living With the Big Lie (A classic and still timely Marillion classic.)

Runaway (By this time, I am thinking, "Hey, are they going to play Brave in its entirety?)

Wave/Mad/The Opium Den (The opening Brave segment ends with a nice segue into...)

Fruit Of The Wild Rose (...a very underrated song in the Marillion catalog. I was glad to see it for the first time live, especially the soaring bridge section of the song, which is a musical go-to moment for me.)

Out of This World (By now, h has announced that they will be playing two sets, an opening collection of mellow songs about "death and water" (epitomized by Out of This World) and a second set of more rollicking songs about...death and water.)

Real Tears For Sale (This is a brand new song no one has ever heard. It received one of the louder, more sustained ovations of the night.)

Somewhere Else
(h sings the "Mr. Taurus" section through a megaphone, as predicted by Desi before the show.)

Seasons End (An opening prelude of "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" set the tone for a wonderful presentation of this great song. Desi and I especially enjoyed singing the "in England" lines.)

The intermission consisted of a slide show that kept the crowd entertained while the band took a brief break. The slides featured a holiday sing-along, some bad jokes, and a picture of Ian's dog dressed up in a Santa suit.

Hooks In You (A very rocking opening to the second set.)

Genie (h announces that they will now be playing a song from their much-acclaimed Marbles album, adding that "it's probably the song you like the least." Z would definitely not agree with that statement!)

Circular Ride (This song, an outtake from the Somewhere Else album, is being played for the first time ever on this mini-tour. It was surprisingly unknown to many in the crowd, as we saw few people singing along. For our part, we were ready!)

The Other Half
(I was paying close attention to Mark as his fingers played the beautiful closing notes of one of my favorite songs of 2007.)

Most Toys (A song meant to be played and heard live!)

Cannibal Surf Babe
(h introduces the song by reminiscing about the time, during the Afraid of Sunlight sessions, when they created a piece of music that was a "departure" for them. With its Beach Boys/B-52s vibe, everyone knew CSB was coming next. Desi just about hurt herself dancing, while Pete laid down the funky back beat.)

This Strange Engine (I know Desi had tears in her eyes for this one, while I watched Rothers' fingers as he worked his way through the exquisite guitar lead in the "Blue Pain" section.)

Then came the first encore...

Quartz (We thought the show might be over, but they came back for a welcome encore. A funny element was added by a roadie who was dancing wildly just off stage right and flashing a flashlight crazily during the intense sections of the song when the stage lights were turning in every direction.)

Neverland (Desi snapped a great picture of h "flying." A great show closer...or so we thought...)

A second encore!

Let It Snow (The roadies blew up a huge inflatable Santa, and then the band came back on stage, led by Mark, who was tossing plastic kazoos into the crowd. There was a brief "practice" session while the band taught the new instrumentalists what to do...and off we all went into a light-hearted jam of this holiday classic. As the song was coming to an end, blowers above the stage sent "snow" showering onto crowd, making for a very festive finish.)

OK Des...seeing Marillion in England is different!



At 9:45 PM, Blogger The Balla Family said...

I am so jealous but I am glad that you had a good time. I guess this just means that Z and I get to go alone next time!!!!! ~Julie


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