Friday, December 07, 2007

Random Observations

Here are some random observations culled from our time in England...

There are no kids in England ("Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" comes to mind)

Yorkshire pudding is not pudding (it's more like a muffin)

Left is right, right is wrong (whether driving or walking)

People from Leeds don't go to Manchester (we don't know the history of that one)

Cab drivers know Marillion ("The last time I saw Marillion...")

College girls wear short shorts/skirts, high heels, and tights (where did that come from?)

Their English is not our English (Desi still thinks it was "Platform 1"; it was actually "half past one")

Leeds is one old stone building after another (apparently the city was mistakenly not bombed during World War II)

Is there anyone in England not wearing boots and overcoats? (we for sure didn't see anyone)

Mince meat is not meat (it's basically a fruit tart)

Tipping advice from some ladies at the train station (1 pound for good waiter service, 50 pence for good taxi service)

Everything is old (even the graffiti)

Everything is small (including cars and feet)

~Desi and Steve


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