Sunday, December 09, 2007

Rail Replacement

Our trip Sunday morning back to Manchester airport was not what we originally expected. It turns out that the tracks are repaired overnight, when there are few passengers. We therefore had to jump on the so-called "rail replacement" bus. Here's how it unfolded...

The bus pulled up and the driver announced our destination. He then quickly whispered to us not to get on. This was the bus for the drunkards. The "decent people" should get on the bus that would momentarily be pulling into the station. Thanks for the tip!

Our reward was a quiet and beautiful ride through small town Yorkshire and beyond. Stone village after stone village. Twisty road after twisty road. Pubs with names like "The Wise Owl." Yeah, we probably could have been most of the way to London by the time we arrived in Manchester, but the small towns and countryside made it worth the diversion.

And a fitting end to our jaunt through the north of England...



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