Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Moratorium

Being recommended for a Fulbright award is definitely a professional milestone and a seminal moment in our little family story. It also immediately raises like a billion logistical things (big and small) that we will have to work out by summer.

What should we do with the house?
Where will Julie and Z go to school?
How will Desi's sabbatical work out?

There will be plenty of time to take care of all of this business (or so we have told ourselves!). In the meantime, we have prohibited ourselves from stressing out over these details, at least in the short term. You see, this is something we have been thinking about for years, and the application process itself was fairly involved and time consuming. To move past the good news and on to the planning without any celebration or acknowledgment would be, we think, missing out on a moment that is important in and of itself. Hearing all of the varied reactions of family and friends has been certainly been a fun and interesting part of this initial period. The winner of the funniest response? "That [Fulbright award] sounds twice as good as the Halfbright award that I'm familiar with."

Of course, our little moratorium on planning can't go on for very long (and, deep down, we have been laying out options this whole time anyway)...



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