Friday, December 07, 2007

Ilkley and the Dales

When the International Working Group meeting broke up on Saturday afternoon, we all scattered pretty quickly. Some of us went home right away to places like Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Milan, and Paris. Others journeyed to York or London to see some sights before heading back across the pond. Desi and I were the only ones who heeded Stephen Coleman's local insider advice and headed out to Ilkley to take a quick peek at the Yorkshire dales.

Stephen advertised the dales as the prettiest place in Britain and they didn't disappoint. We had a nice train ride out to Ilkley, through pretty countryside dotted with sheep, stone fences, and hedge rows. Ilkley itself is a charming old village with lots of pastry shops and interesting architecture.

A quick cab ride took us out of the town proper to a pub called the Cow and the Calf. This stone building has occupied its spot on the hilltop for many, many years. It gets its name from a nearby rock formation that supposedly looks like a cow with its calf underfoot. (We really needed Z to help us see that one!) Beyond this fantastic scenery there are moors that go on for apparently a very long way. I read somewhere that you can lose an army in there. This warning, plus other vague utterances about being sure to get out by dark, did not deter some campers who were setting up for the word on their fate...

Definitely a legendary place. Thanks Stephen!



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