Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Hey, That Portion Isn't Too Small!

On a number of occasions, I have spoken to a group of civil servants visiting DC from Warwick University in the UK. Every time it seems that they are stunned by the size of two things in the US--cars and food portions.

Given this common reaction, I was expecting to go hungry in England. Much to my surprise, the British know how to dish it out, at least when it comes to the restaurants we went to. Here are some pasta dishes we didn't quite finish at Dare Cafe in Headingly, a neighborhood in Leeds. I did just as well later in the trip, with some fish and chips that rivaled Keyport fishery in terms of volume (nothing compares, of course, when it comes to taste).

At least as far as we are concerned...British portion sizes are very small...MYTH!



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