Sunday, December 09, 2007

Four in the Morning...Both an End and a Beginning

As Desi has mentioned, the time change on a trip like this messes up your sense of what is early, what is late, and even what day it is. A great example of this is our experiences on consecutive 4 ams.

4 am, Saturday, December 1st. This 4 am marked the end of a long and eventful day. Not only did I work all day at the university (while Desi became an expert in all things Leeds), but then we headed to Manchester for the Marillion show. After the concert ended, we milled about, bought a couple of concert tees, and headed back to the Oxford Road train station...too late, it turned out, to catch the train back to Leeds. What to do? Jump into a cab and head to Piccadilly Station, which is open all night. By the time we jumped onto our delayed train, it was 1:45 in the morning. (But 8:45 on the East coast, so we were WIDE AWAKE!) By the time we arrived back at the Weetwood, it was 4 am and definitely time for bed.

Fast forward 24 hours and it was a 4 am wake-up call so we could start the journey home. As we checked out, some drunken (or very merry!) revelers were just heading up to their rooms. And they were not alone. 4 am in Leeds, a town full of college students, is a lively time, to say the least. The buses can be full, at least near campus. And the train station is where young partyers from Huddlesfield congregate to head back home after a night (and morning) out. And Manchester is no better. We had to change benches when a lad staggered by, looking like he was on the verge of ...well, you know what...

Let's just say that 4 am is a time to see it all...while being wide awake...



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