Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Card

Sometime in late September, we received word that there was to be a stamp contest. If you could draw a Christmas picture on a small sheet of paper, you could win.

Now, my picture (which you can see) was much worse than my sister's bursting present. We turned them into the school judges to be looked at.

In early October, Studio A showed a slide show showing all the winners. At the 5th grade point, they showed my picture! At first I had no idea that mine was a winner until my best friend told me.

Later, in November, they were selling it as a card because there was trouble at the post office. BUMMER! So we ordered a pack and it came in late November. Given that I have short-term memory loss, I forgot all about them. Here we are, December 12th, and my classmates give me the package and told me it was on the floor.

Now, there it is Mom, I really do have short-term memory loss!



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