Thursday, November 01, 2007

You Gotta Support Your Boys

For many years now, the Duke football program has been mired in hard times. Often, the team has simply been outmatched when facing touch ACC competition. In other instances, the team has been competitive right to the end, but hasn't been able to pull out the victory.

It's especially in these kinds of times that it's important to stand by your school's athletes, so long as they bring distinction to the university both inside and outside the classroom. There is no doubt that three freshmen players did just that the other night when we bumped into them at Fat Daddy's (while I was in the midst of my pickle-fest).

The players--Cameron Jones, Colin Jones, and Bryan Morgan--were kind enough to spend a few minutes with Julie, Z, Dylan, Keith, and Kaylee (all of whom are big Duke fans). They signed napkins (hey, we weren't prepared!). They even signed arms, which led Z to cover his bicep in Cling Wrap before jumping in the shower, so as to keep the writing there as long as possible.

Since all five kids aspire to do great things (what kid doesn't dream big?), the players made sure to spend lots of time talking about the importance of education and doing well in school. This kind of service to the community, through small encounters, is a great demonstration of the value of the Duke football program, even at a time when wins on the field are few and far between.

Thanks guys!



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