Sunday, November 18, 2007

I'm a Rocker...and a Beaujolais Drinker

I can still remember the day, back in 1980 (I was 3 years old!), when I walked into Sound-O-Rama, in good ol' downtown Rahway, NJ, and picked up a copy of that day's newly released record, The River. It was the first time (but definitely not the last!) that I was ever excited enough to buy music on the day it came out.

Fast forward to this past Thursday. I'm now in Aspen Hill shopping center (home of the brand new Super priorities change!). Thanks to the Ehrenreichs, the third Thursday in November now means something to me...It's the day that Beaujolais nouveau officially goes on sale each year.

Unlike Springsteen, and many good wines, Beaujolais nouveau does not improve with age but rather is meant for immediate drinking. There's kind off a craze surrounding it's release, with wine stores and restaurants staying open until midnight to pop open the first corks. We haven't gone that far yet, but have turned Beaujolais into one of our regular evening nightcaps. This for sure shows how unsophisticated our wine drinking is. One critic likened drinking Beaujolais nouveau to "eating cookie dough."

Uh, cookie dough rocks, Ms. Wine Critic...



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